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About From Farm To Table Canada

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From Farm to Table Canada makes and distributes deliciously prepared healthy food products such as popcorn, chips, and spices made from the highest quality locally sourced ingredients.  Our plant is conveniently located in Cambridge Ontario.

Our Growers:

We work in unison with area farmers dedicated to raising and harvesting organically and sustainably grown corn and potatoes. All our growers are family-owned farms, located less than 100km from our factory and run by people with a shared devotion to growing and preparing food that nourishes the body and gives back to the planet.

How it all began

Our family began From Farm to Table Canada in 2011. Our origins are strongly rooted in family – people coming together to share wonderful moments, great food, and a passion for creating and distributing healthy food products. It all began one evening while sitting with local grower friends and popping fresh, handpicked corn over a bonfire. We decided to come together, create a product that perfectly captured that moment and those flavours and deliver locally grown and healthy food that meets the nutritional needs of our communities.

Where we are now

Today, our products can be found across Ontario and in schools throughout the region. Each product we create can be completed tracked from the food source to the end-users table. And, our From Farm to Table Canada customers trust us because we personally know who grows the ingredients in each of our foods and can ensure that they are pesticide and GMO-free.

Our Goal

At From Farm to Table Canada, our goal is to provide exceptional and healthy food products to the people of Ontario while supporting and preserving our local small farm economies. Working together, we not only make great food, but we grow a healthy environment for all our future generations.


From Farm To Table Plant in Cambridge Ontario
From Farm To Table Canada Plant
1721 Bishop St., N., Unit 1-3 Cambridge, Ontario


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