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Popcorn Garden Kit - A Free and fun school farm activity

Our FREE Popcorn Garden Kit is a practical and fun farm activities tool for teaching children where their favourite foods come from, and the importance of local sustainable farming.  We encourage you to use this kit to help expose your students to new ideas about food production and also help students choose behaviors that support their own health.

We trust the experiences your students gain from using this kit will be fun, easy, and will be an effective tool to teach and support your curriculum objectives.

With this farm activities kit, you’ll be able to grown your very own popcorn and have your kids engaged with a few fun activities included in the kit. Free

What You'll Get In Your Popcorn Garden Kit:

  • GMO-Free Seed Packet
  • Growing and Planting Instructions and Chart
  • Drying Instructions
  • Word Search
  • Word Jumble
  • Corn Maze
  • Colouring Sheet
  • Answer Sheet
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