Why You Should Fundraise Using From Farm To Table Canada Products

Using From Farm to Table Canada Products to Fundraise is a great way to support our Canadian Farm Families as well as your organization. 

Sometimes a bag of popcorn is more than just a bag of popcorn.  

Buying local supports a more sustainable food system because true sustainability goes beyond the methods used in food production, to include every step that brings food from the farm to your table.  


Sustainability includes buying food as local as possible but, buying local does not guarantee that is sustainably produced.

Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, factory farming and hormone use can all be involved in local food production, so its important to make sure that the food you buy, is from farmers and processors using sustainable methods.

From Farm to Table Canada Popcorn is grown in a pesticide free environment with GMO free seed.   Our popcorn is popped fresh daily using corn from Ontario farms that are “Local Food Plus” Certified.  These growers must adhere to the following principles.

  • Conserve energy and cut greenhouse gasses,
  • Protect and enhance wildlife habitats,
  • Employ sustainable production systems.
  • Ensure safe and fair conditions for farm workers.

Our boxes are locally made with 100% recycled cardboard.  Check out the good works of the Forestry Stewardship Council here www.fsc.org.

Buying Local

Buying local also ensures that your money begins a cycle in which those businesses then spend their money at local suppliers, ensuring valuable resources are supporting local communities.   Our packaging is made locally, our custom seasonings are made locally and in may cases our product is delivered to your school by a local family dairy. 

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